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Almost every week WhatsApp gets a new feature or two. Even as the company starts rolling out group calls to its Android users, we hear of another new feature that is going to be added to the chat app in the coming weeks. This is the Dark Mode, which will not only allow users to save their eyes from glare when they are chatting on WhatsApp late in night but will also probably help save them battery on their phones.

Yet again, the information comes courtesy WABetaInfo, a Twitter account that often reveals unreleased WhatsApp features by looking into beta code of the app. A few days ago, WABetaInfo tweeted, "I receive a lot of questions about the Dark Mode. It's still under development and there is no news now, be patient please. When there is news on iOS and Android, you will obviously receive more info from me, don't worry."

Of late, as more and more technology companies wake up to the harmful effect of the screen glare on the eyes, apps are increasingly acquiring dark mode. Twitter got it earlier, whereas Apple just gave the whole macOS a dark mode with the Mojave release.

Apart from saving eyes from the glare, the dark mode in the apps can also help with the battery life, particularly on the phones like the Galaxy S9, Google Pixel 3, iPhone XS and the OnePlus 6T that have OLED screens. When the OLED screens need to show blacks, they can completely turn off pixels, which significantly helps in reducing the battery consumption. So for example, if you are someone who is one WhatsApp four to five hours a day, for you the battery saving could be substantial with the dark mode.

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