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"PUBG": Five PUBG Mobile tips you may not know about

PUBG Mobile is getting increasingly competitive as the popularity of the Battle Royale grows.

In this intensely tactical experience, players need to use every trick in the book to gain an advantage over opponents to ultimately win the coveted chicken dinner.

While we all know the basic tips of choosing landing spots and weapons wisely, here we bring five lesser-known PUBG Mobile tips.

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In context
Do you know these PUBG Mobile tips?
Stand clear of the opening doors, please

Tip 1
Stand clear of the opening doors, please

While opening doors and entering houses to loot them, players tend to barge in quickly, eager to pick up decent armor and weapons.

However, opponents might be waiting for them behind closed doors, and at that range, they are not likely to miss.

Therefore, it is advisable to open doors while standing to a side, in case there are enemies waiting to ambush you.

Tip 2
Cover your tracks while looting in the houses

When you are going into a house in order to loot it, close all the doors after you enter.

In this way, enemies will not know you are inside the house.

Further, if they enter the house while you are inside, you can hear the door being opened, giving you the upper hand, since you will have an opportunity to ambush the unsuspecting foes.
Loot weapon attachments, ammo for guns you hope to use

Tip 3
Loot weapon attachments, ammo for guns you hope to use

You might not get a gun of your choice immediately after landing.

However, this does not mean that you do not loot weapon attachments and ammo for the gun you hope to use.

You might come across it at a later stage and immediately optimize it.

Towards the endgame, if you still do not find it, you can always drop the unnecessary loot.

Tip 4
Switch your weapon mode for optimum use.

A lot of players keep firing in auto mode, believing that the sheer number of bullets will get the job done.

However, it is sometimes wise to switch to the single mode, reducing recoil to a large extent, especially if you are engaging in long range firefights.

Quickly change to auto when fighting in close and mid-ranges, and fire single shots in long-range.
Handle immediate threat before reviving the teammate

Tip 5
Handle immediate threat before reviving the teammate

In duos or squads, if team-mates get knocked down, it is a natural instinct to try and revive them.

This is especially higher, if they are your friends or if you are playing in the same room.

However, resist this urge and take out the threat first.

If you immediately rush to revive, the enemy could ambush and kill you as well.

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