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Galaxy Note 10e Leak Reveals Samsung's Cheaper Smartphone.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 range has long held one crucial advantage over the Galaxy Note line-up. But not for long…
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 concept TechConfigurations

Citing supply chain sources, The Bell, a consistently reliable site from Samsung’s home country of South Korea, reveals Samsung will make an all-new budget-friendly version of the Galaxy Note 10.

Likely to be called the ‘Galaxy Note 10e’ (to tie-in with the entry-level Galaxy S10e), The Bell says it will have a reduced screen size with Samsung sourcing parts for each model separately. This makes sense, given the Galaxy S10e misses out on the in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and triple camera arrays of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus so alternative components are required.

That said, you should be excited because the Galaxy S10e matches its more expensive stablemates where it counts: performance, primary front and rear cameras and a top-notch OLED display (bezels are slightly larger). I maintain the Galaxy S10e is the best Galaxy S10 model for most buyers and a Galaxy Note 10e looks likely to deliver the same.
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Samsung Galaxy S10 (left) Vs Galaxy S10e (right) - accurate to scale PhoneArena

As for pricing, nothing is known as this stage, but the $750 Galaxy S10e is $150 cheaper than the S10. If the Note 10 retains the same $999 asking price as the Note 9, an $850 asking price for the Note 10e looks likely. The Bell says Samsung is targeting Europe with this device, but sales of the S10e are strong so it seems inevitable a US launch will follow.

Need even more reasons to consider the Galaxy Note 10? Compared to the Galaxy S10 range, it has multiple upgrades including a quad core camera, next-gen storage, next-gen RAM and potentially even 5G as standard. Yes, it’s where the smart money goes and now a Note 10e looks like the smartest move of all…

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